Ariana Grande - ghostin (Audio) 

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Music video by Ariana Grande performing ghostin (Audio). © 2019 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.



14 lut 2019



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Estephany Montaño rojas
Ptmr no estoy llorando 😭✋🏻🔫
maiteewvy 19 godzin temu
Satya Wirasena Japutra
** Ghostin starts to play ** Me: MAMA, WHERE IS THE BUCKET?? I NEED 3 OR 4 OF THEM..
thoughtsof wisdom12
Beautiful sad soulful song
Mitski M
Mitski M 2 dni temu
Listening to this makes me cry I'm so sorry ari Rip Mac Miller
Aya Abbasova
Aya Abbasova 2 dni temu
4:02 -i love u, Ariana
ahc a
ahc a 3 dni temu
11 june 2021 🤠
Carlito Burrito
Carlito Burrito 3 dni temu
This reminds me of a girl that I truly loved. Now she hates me.
Liam Darke
Liam Darke 4 dni temu
Don't take ghosting too personally: it depends on the girl's personal life situation
Love and Zodiac
Love and Zodiac 4 dni temu
This album released when i was in 8th grade and now im going into junior year of high school. Time passes fast.
Ari 4 dni temu
now ariana is married and she deserves every ounce of love her new person gives to her
Juli Bazán
Juli Bazán 5 dni temu
status: liquid (victorious fans will understand)
Austin 5 dni temu
I dont see myself as the perp when i listen to this anymore. Its just there for me now
lily grande
lily grande 5 dni temu
this song hits even more now
ItsValen 7 dni temu
If just ari knew how much I feel this song ❤️🥺
Maria Zavache
Maria Zavache 7 dni temu
Dumnezeule Dumnezeule ne cercetat pe noi căci ne trimis pe cea mai scumpa fată pe cea cu voce de aur pe ariana grande s-o păzește 😯😢😭🙏👂👂❤💘💔👏👏👏👏👏👑
Muskan Lama
Muskan Lama 7 dni temu
I love everything cause I am #arianators and even #selenators
Beatriz Macias
Beatriz Macias 7 dni temu
Leo Cruz
Leo Cruz 8 dni temu
Greta Kokollari
Greta Kokollari 8 dni temu
I cry everytime if I heard this is song...😭🥺
Beyzanur Altuntaş
i'm still cryingg
omar moosa
omar moosa 9 dni temu
3 years and i'm still crying, now that she's in a better place, im so happy for her!
J Bananas1993
J Bananas1993 9 dni temu
This song just hit completely different knowing, this came out two years ago and now she’s married😭😭
chareliss 10 dni temu
песня до мурашек
Aphroditee 11 dni temu
I think the saddest thing in this song is if you slow it down and forward it to 4:02, you can hear Mac say “i love you, ariana”
Alessandro Crino'
Alessandro Crino' 11 dni temu
Dave Angana
Dave Angana 11 dni temu
i'm very thankful to ari for releasing this masterpiece and sadly i heard that she doesn't want to release this because this song was dedicated to Malcolm but she were forced by scooter to do so.
Em 11 dni temu
I feel sorry for Pete. It was the wrong time for him.. I feel like I’m Pete in this story and that breaks my heart.
لما محمد عبدالله البلوشي
Cedric Ramos
Cedric Ramos 12 dni temu
Bubble 12 dni temu
pessimistic catto
pessimistic catto 12 dni temu
i know u here me when i cry..
Sucel Alejandra Hernandez Avila
I love somoch Ari 💘, i felling very bad,put you can . I love you Girl 😚😚😚
Winzu 13 dni temu
I'm not crying... You're crying!
T 13 dni temu
I'm still here💔..
T 13 dni temu
Hakima Elias Mamutuk
And now, Ari's married. Mac is surely the happiest angel now :>
canciones que le dan sentido a tu vida 2.0
MAC from the sky: take her to the moon for me: '(
Leah Bekele
Leah Bekele 14 dni temu
she went through so much pain while spoiling us for 2 years. she deserves so much than anyone in the world. she is a great example of happiness coming right after the worst. we all love you ari, from us arinators
Tisha Akheen
Tisha Akheen 14 dni temu
Why are Ariana's best songs are always underrated ? This is the best song of Ariana...This song made me a fan of her❤️❤️ This song deserves more😢
Maša Mitrović
Maša Mitrović 14 dni temu
Now she's married to Dalton.. time really passes by quickly..
Shawn Mendes Bussy
Shawn Mendes Bussy 8 godzin temu
@alijahhh シ for a second I thought that was her wife-
i am a figment of your imagination & am not real
i just know mac is so happy for her, smiling at how strong she is :,) 🤍
yromem yromem
yromem yromem 8 dni temu
alijahhh シ
alijahhh シ 10 dni temu
@johan klye ariana’s husband
johan klye
johan klye 10 dni temu
can u explain who is dalton?
Sarah Yo
Sarah Yo 14 dni temu
I always cry when I hear this song
Ciera Blankenship
Ciera Blankenship 14 dni temu
this just makes me :(
x Sweet Dog x x
x Sweet Dog x x 15 dni temu
im the only one who this song gives nostalgia for no reason??
nauj lofornk
nauj lofornk 15 dni temu
she got married, im so happy and greatful for her, i love her very much, she doesn’t know how much she is helping me and has helped me :)🖤🖤🖤
The M.A.
The M.A. 16 dni temu
This song was sadder than I remembered it being on February 24. I'm glad that things have gotten better for her since then! 😢
Georgina Serafim
Georgina Serafim 16 dni temu
It's so sad but at the same it's so beautiful that we are here smiling and crying
Bri Grande
Bri Grande 16 dni temu
anybody else still here after the wedding or is it just me? she’s finally getting better again
Buteraᴼᵗ⁷ 16 dni temu
İm crying 😭
Christopher Kreider
I love you honey
Phashasorn Srirapong
So sad
raghad osman
raghad osman 17 dni temu
GHOSTIN: am a girl with a whole lot of baggage POV: my baggage is fading
Gael Renteria
Gael Renteria 18 dni temu
Minute 4:00 say " I love you Ariana "
key romero
key romero 18 dni temu
Andrea Correa
Andrea Correa 18 dni temu
Julieth Giraldo
Julieth Giraldo 18 dni temu
Omggg 4:00 say Mac Miller " I love you Ariana " I'm crying
Nia Rackley
Nia Rackley 18 dni temu
When she says: "Though I wish he was here instead. Don't want that living in your head," It breaks me because she felt like should couldn't be honest with her partner. I love Ari so much for even doing this because this whole time she's been so strong.
a f
a f 18 dni temu
I'm so depressed that even this song can't make me cry
Crid Cabellera
Crid Cabellera 18 dni temu
Anailson Pires
Anailson Pires 19 dni temu
Hiba Hawi
Hiba Hawi 19 dni temu
Of course we were not waiting for a grammy to know this album is a masterpiece
Hiba Hawi
Hiba Hawi 19 dni temu
Not me listening to this after better off💔
Jennifer Catpo
Jennifer Catpo 19 dni temu
Quien pensaría que un 15 de mayo se casó ariana con dalton (CRYYYYY))
DisloyalHydra33 19 dni temu
im crying for mac :(
Lawrence 19 dni temu
Now Ariana is Married OMG💙💙💙
smirk 19 dni temu
listening to this while crying over arianas wedding photos!! 😏
Ferni 19 dni temu
after years of this song she's thankful with pete she will always love mac and now she's married with dalton and living her best life so proud of this queen ♡︎
YourBbyDevil 19 dni temu
I hear Mac saying i Love u Ariana at 4:01 ...
ana ïs
ana ïs 19 dni temu
19 dni temu
I’ve been played this record, this album since the day it was released and I’ve just become numb to this song
Toxicwoo Rj
Toxicwoo Rj 19 dni temu
Such a mf bop
JulSS 20 dni temu
Presley Emily
Presley Emily 20 dni temu
The didactic coach early knot because summer methodologically cough for a soggy chance. incandescent, recondite engineering
Anqxlify 20 dni temu
To the people that disliked, your so evil ☹️
This song is the saddest thing ever
Alejandro Butera
Alejandro Butera 21 dzień temu
4:00 hoy se llora fuerte manes 😭😭😭
Nadia Solano
Nadia Solano 14 dni temu
No escucho bien, de verdad eso dice?😞
Fernanda Belén Timaná
C Q 21 dzień temu
I know you hear me when I cry I try to hold it in the night While you're sleepin' next to me But it's your arms that I need this time (This time) Look at the cards that we've been dealt If you were anybody else Probably wouldn't last a day Every tear's a rain parade from hell (From hell) Baby, you do it so well You been so understanding, you been so good And I'm puttin' you through more than one ever should And I'm hating myself 'cause you don't want to Admit that it hurts you I know that it breaks your heart when I cry again Over him, mmh I know that it breaks your heart when I cry again 'Stead of ghostin' him We'll get through this, we'll get past this, I'm a girl with A whole lot of baggage But I love you, we'll get past this, I'm a girl with A whole lot of baggage, yeah Though I wish he were here instead Don't want that living in your head He just comes to visit me When I'm dreaming every now and then (And then) And after all that we been through (And after all that we been through) There's so much to look forward to What was done and what was said Leave it all here in this bed with you (With you) Baby, you do it so well You been so understanding, you been so good And I'm puttin' you through more than one ever should And I'm hating myself 'cause you don't want to Admit that it hurts you, baby I know that it breaks your heart when I cry again Over him, mmh I know that it breaks your heart when I cry again 'Stead of ghostin' him We'll get through this, we'll get past this, I'm a girl with A whole lot of baggage But I love you, we'll get past this, I'm a girl with A whole lot of baggage, yeah
Mahider Assegnew
Mahider Assegnew 21 dzień temu
Idc about what u say, this is the saddest song i have ever heard and the song which literally makes u feel every lyrics😭
8D forever
8D forever 21 dzień temu
Does anyone get sad when you hear her sing "we'll get passed this" cus they never did 😭
cyssac. 22 dni temu
4:02 “i love u Ariana” “mac mac mac”
Nocx 22 dni temu
Is it just me or you can hear at 4:02 « i love you ariana » if you put 0,75 speed
Jyotima Mishra
Jyotima Mishra 22 dni temu
Most peaceful song of her.
Ruby Dominguez
Ruby Dominguez 22 dni temu
Chris Raymundo
Chris Raymundo 22 dni temu
Did not pay attention to the lyrics when this first came out, but almost two years later it fucking hurts.
Dolis Tarina
Dolis Tarina 22 dni temu
When u have crush, even close u, in the end u crush Missing like a ghost
João Carlos
João Carlos 22 dni temu
esad ak
esad ak 23 dni temu
esad ak
esad ak 23 dni temu
Stian 23 dni temu
if you're here in 2021, you're a true fan
laura Alfawares
laura Alfawares 17 dni temu
She is married now🥺
michael holloway
michael holloway 23 dni temu
im experiencing her pain rn
im_a_butterfly 23 dni temu
4:02 💔
Lisa Kerr
Lisa Kerr 23 dni temu
Hi guys, Im here again for the 9,375,473,568,931 time today
Darianna Colina
Darianna Colina 23 dni temu
I still cry
Jessica Ann Tolsma
Jessica Ann Tolsma 23 dni temu
Best song on this album
Emma Neville
Emma Neville 23 dni temu
if u lut the speed to .5, you can hear at the end "I love you ariana" this shit hurts
Jackelyn Paucar cruz
4:00 lloro 😭
Almost Is Never Enough
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Scooter forcing Ghostin on TUN
Ariana Grande - pov (audio)